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Fidel Nath: The Lord of the Machines – A Symphony of Bits and Beats

From the vibrant shores of Coatzacoalcos emerges Fidel Nath, a visionary DJ and producer who has transformed the art of electronic music into a technological odyssey. He is not just an artist; he is a sound alchemist, known to them as "The Lord of the Machines." His journey is one of passion, innovation, and the magic of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Origins of a Visionary

Fidel's story begins in the corridors of his elementary school, in a computer room where he discovered his innate affinity with machines. This was not a mere fascination; it was a deep connection, a magical friendship with these portals of unlimited possibilities. Through this intimate relationship, Fidel found his true calling and, eventually, his destiny.


Dual Talent: Technology and Music

During the day, Fidel Nath delves into the world of technology as a corporate technology project director, where his passion lies not only in leading but in innovating and transforming machines into vital tools for Information Technology experts. Among his clients are like-minded individuals, including music producers, who seek in Fidel not just a provider but a creator who understands the soul of machines and how they can bring ideas to life.


The Night Reveals the Lord

With the fall of the sun, Fidel Nath's world takes a vibrant turn. The stage becomes his domain, a place where his alter ego takes command, merging bits with beats in a live set experience that is both a revelation and a revolution. Influenced by old school Techno and binary rhythms, Fidel builds sonic bridges where machines and humans meet in a unified dance, creating moments of auditory ecstasy amidst the dancefloor.


An Expanding Legacy

Fidel Nath has shared his unique vision on stages with national and international luminaries and has taken his music beyond traditional expectations with initiatives like the MID Techno City Tour. Moreover, his commitment to spreading electronic music extends through his own internet radio station, and as the founder of the Transition Moon label, he continues to explore new sonic frontiers.


The Machine Charmer and Heart Hacker

Who is Fidel Nath? More than an artist, he is a bridge between worlds, a storyteller of electronic tales, and a dreamer who sees in each note an infinite possibility. Discover the magic of "The Lord of the Machines" and join him on a journey where music is more than sound; it is a transformative experience.