DJ and producer Fidel Nath, originally from Coatzacoalcos, has a very particular story, because he’s not just another artist, he is The Lord of Machines. 


In elementary school, when a computer center was first installed to begin computer classes Fidel discovered his gig, and it was the beginning of many years to come that has given him identity to date. 


A special connection occurred in that computer center,like magic, computers became his faithful best friends. A programmer during the day, another of his passions is to transform said machines into everyday useful instruments for IT workers, giving them the soul necessary  to transform ideas, even into tracks that are being listened to worldwide today.


At nighttime, DJ and producer takes control of the command, to send the machines clear message through bits and beats that can be heard in live acts, full of techno old school and binary, creating the connection between humans and machines that we see on the dance floor, flooded with hardcore sounds that seen to be from Detroit intself. 

Who is Fidel Nath? Machine whisperer and human hacker, discover his abilities at